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7 Reasons Why Everyone Likes Russian Women

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It’s quite difficult to find a man who doesn’t like beautiful Russian women. Western women think that Russian girls don’t have anything besides their beauty and cannot offer something else. Nevertheless, as the worldwide practice shows, every year the number of happy marriages with Russian women increases as well as the number of men who think about dating Russian women. So, what is the secret? It’s very hard to believe that all the men are charmed only by women's beauty because it is impossible to build any serious relationship on the attractiveness of original appearance. When it comes to serious relationships, the representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, are well aware of what they need. Of course, each person has his own preferences. However, there are several features that are particularly appreciated in Russian girls and that can help understand why these girls are so attractive.

Undoubtedly, external beauty plays an important role because the first impression is still in force. The fact that the hot Russian women are beauties, is just as well-known as that the men love with their eyes. In order to appreciate a beautiful soul, they must first be fascinated by appearance. If you set aside an amazing natural beauty, why does everyone like Russian girls?

They know how to support.

A man must feel that a beloved woman is supporting him as if he is a king, even if he is not. A Russian woman allows a man to feel special. A woman knows that the more she gives, the more she gets in return. When a man walks out the door, the whole world is ready to knock him down. Any man, leaving the house, is ready to fight. Anything beyond his control can happen at any moment (a boss can dismiss him or someone can try to take away his goods), in other words, the man is constantly in a state of alertness, evaluating the other men around him, ready to protect all his achievements (including the woman). Therefore, a man wants to relax at home and a Russian woman gives him such an opportunity without any “but.”

In the relationship with a Russian woman, a man can count on support and such words as, "Darling, I cannot put into words how I appreciate what you do for me and our couple." These simple words give the men strength to continue doing all that is necessary for the relationship and the family as well.

Do you think that male sternness and unwillingness to hug mean that this support is not needed? They need it. And what kind of a man would not want to hear a confession like, "You're so big and strong, you're all I need"?

They know everything about loyalty.

Any man wants to be sure that he brings up his own children. But even this is not all. For a man, love is devotion. This means that, no matter what happens, a woman will be next to him and a Russian girl knows and do that. Even if he has temporary troubles at work or in business. Talking with friends, she is enthusiastically saying, "This is my man. I'm loyal to him." And even being surrounded by celebrities or just handsome men, spreading cash around, the man will be sure of his woman because she will take his hand and say with all her heart, "I do not need these rich playboys because you are my one and only!". Russian women understand that the love that a woman wants is beautiful, but male love is different, although it remains love. And the love of a man is a very strong thing, an amazing thing. When a man thinks about Russian girls dating, he wants to find a loyal partner who will become the most beloved one.

They are intelligent.

It's not true that men do not like smart women. Sociologists have interviewed representatives of the stronger sex in 30 countries. It has turned out that the overwhelming majority of them (especially in developed countries) appreciate the female intellect much higher than external beauty. By the way, every second man with a higher education seeks to find an intelligent partner. There is one single “but”, men are afraid of ladies who demonstrate intellectual superiority. On the contrary to the Western women, Russian ladies take into account this fact. Whatever one may say, it is important for a man to be a leader, so when he meets a Russian woman, he meets quite a smart woman, who doesn’t cross this invisible line. Most Russian girls have high education, know several languages and can become a good company in many discussions.

They are sincere.

Kindness, gentleness, tenderness, responsiveness, caring are qualities of character of most Russian women. In the opinion of most men, these features must necessarily be presented in their future beloved. The older a man is, the stronger he wants to meet a "sincere woman" who can listen to him, sympathize and support. Yes, a man wants to be a knight in shining armor and treat his beloved as a princess, but this does not give a license to the princess's permanent behavior. What kind of women do men like? Those who allow a loved man to arrange romantic dinners and surprise with presents but do not turn it into his duties.

They have the ability not only to listen to but also to hear.

When men meet Russian women, they appreciate their ability to listen carefully without any evaluation of their actions or reproaches. They are especially pleased when a Russian woman just sits nearby and listens, showing a sincere interest in their story. Of course, this requires patience and understanding. Most Russian women have these qualities and know perfect when and how to use them, that's why the ability to listen and to hear is what men love in Russian women. This is a support for them, so they happily continue to share their thoughts with these girls.

They do not hesitate to ask for help.

Most Western women think that men are lazy and they hate to work at home or carry out any assignments. However, this is true only for those who have already had a long-term relationship. If a woman comes up to a single man and asks for help with a smile, he, in most cases, readily responds. Men are very fond of women who ask for help and Russian women use that. This makes them feel more courageous, gives an occasion for conversation, and awakens the conditional instinct of the defender. And when a sweet lady thanks to a gentleman for help with a flirtatious smile, there is a good chance that he will cope with a sense of embarrassment and ask her for a phone number. This is one of the reasons why men dream about Russian women dating, as peculiar as it may sound.

They have a good sense of humor.

As Charlie Chaplin said, "A day without laughter is a lost day." A sense of humor is one of the most frequent criteria that men indicate, searching for their one and only. This does not mean that a woman should be a clown or make up a pun on a day. However, it is very important that both partners have a sense of humor that is "on the same wavelength". An ability to look at life's difficulties with humor is one of the things that many men love and appreciate in Russian women. It’s well known that in couples where the partners laugh often together, the relationship is warmer and stronger.

Men like girls who laugh at their jokes, and can joke in return. A cheerful or flirtatious giggle can melt even the hardest and courageous heart. In fact, a sincere and joyful laugh is one of the best aphrodisiacs.