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How to Make a Russian Woman Like You

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Every man at least once in his life asks himself the question: "how to make a girl like you?" Since it is natural for a human being to look for ways of least resistance, we require an answer here and now. It is desirable that this answer will be as simple as possible, provided in the form of instructions. But reality does not always match with our dreams. Mankind has not invented a universal instruction yet, with which you can make any girl fall in love with you. But we have a much more valuable treasure: our experience. And we are going to share it with you today.

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Tips and Hints on How to Make a Girl Like You

In fact, our task is a bit more complicated than the one described in the paragraph above. If you are reading this article, then you want to know how to make a Russian girl like you, and this is a task for stubborn men who are willing to behave differently than they are used to. Of course, not in the cardinally opposite sense. Russian girls are very sensitive, tender and romantic creatures. They are looking for love and are ready to give it to a man who can prove that he is worthy of it. We offer you some ways to make a Russian girl like you. But remember: our advice is only a 50% guarantee of success, and the rest depends on you.

How to get a Russian girl to like you:

1. Show her that you are a true gentleman. Russian girls highly appreciate those men who respect old-fashioned etiquette. And do not let this frighten you: it's not about old coats, hats, and canes. We are talking about the etiquette of courting ladies, which can be read in classical literature or seen in historical movies about Victorian times. Of course, the version of etiquette that you should adhere to must be less exaggerated. Always give her your hand, open the doors before her, talk politely and so on. But do not overdo it, otherwise, all your beautiful courtship will look like an inept theater performance and you will fail your mission.

2. Say compliments. If you are good in this, you know how to make a girl fall for you. This advice is closely related to the gentleman's behavior we wrote about in the previous paragraph. They say that Russian girls love with ears. Well, we must admit that this is true. If you inadvertently drop a couple of laudatory epithets about her charming smile or beautiful eyes, you will see a real magic. Russian girls are very appreciated when men pay attention to their beauty and talk about it. But do not try to lie: lying about her appearance will be perceived as an insult. Say only those compliments that really have a right to exist.

3. Give her gifts. Do you know what is the main attribute of dating Russian women? No, not your expensive watch or even a table in a fashionable restaurant next door to a Hollywood couple. Flowers. You should always have flowers. The fact is that in Russia flowers symbolize attention and affection for the girl. If you are going on a date, do not forget to bring a small bouquet with you. In addition, give other kinds of gifts. Do not wait for the special occasion. Let it be a small and inexpensive present, but if it is presented from a pure heart - a Russian girl will appreciate it.

4. Be interested in her family. This is another key to success in dating Russian girls. Not so many men know about it, but it is very effective. In Russia, family ties are very serious. And if you want to build a relationship with a Russian girl, then you should be interested in the affairs of her family. Avoid criticism at first and just avoid flattery. Neither one nor the other will not help you, but it can spoil the impression of you. Many men do not like this, as well as some Russian girls. But until you know each other better, use this universal advice.

5.Demonstrate your intelligence. Russian women believe that Western men are smart. This is one of the reasons why they are so interested in us. It is in your interests to convince your lady that such judgments are absolutely fair and not a myth. Russian girls believe that smart men are sexy. In addition, the level of intelligence is directly related to the ability to create and maintain a family. If your lady will see that you can use your head not only to wear a baseball cap, you can assume that half of the business is already done.