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Perfect Sex with a Russian Woman: the Ultimate Guide

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What do you think, what kind of sex can be ideal? Maybe the one in which the partners know all the poses from the Kama Sutra? What woman or man can be ideal lover? Is this a woman who can do blowjob in ten ways? Or a man with the exterior of James Bond? Let's talk about something else today. After all, hundreds of articles have been written on all these topics. But how to have perfect sex ... with a Russian woman? There are many rumors on this occasion, men, gathering in bars under the cover of night, tell each other stories. Some are cheerful, others are sad. You can become a part of one of them. So study our guide on how to have great sex as closely as possible.

First, let's see what is the ideal sex? More precisely, what conditions should be for sex to be called ideal. Here is our opinion and tips for great sex:

1. A little alcohol. "I think that before sex you can and even need a drink. The best sex I have is in a state of easy alcohol intoxication. You relax and realize your fantasies in full." Many men are ready to subscribe to these words. And we will not argue.

2. Sexy lingerie. Beautiful underwear can drive on even the most satiated sex maniac. Thanks to modern designers of clothes. Some men even claim that girls look sexier in their underwear than without it.

3. Prelude. "I know that some men do not like to be kissed and caressed, but it seems to me that they are simply complex and afraid to show tenderness. My girlfriend always opens up new erogenous zones for me, it's something great! Our prelude is simply a sex extravaganza. " One friend of mine said so and I completely agree.

4. Her initiative. "I'm quite an active person in life and sex is no exception, but it's always pleasant for me when a girl goes first. So, she really likes me. " (John, 25) Almost all men dream of an active relaxed partner. By introducing to sex some of their "chips", a woman gives the relationship elements of novelty and unpredictability, which is very valuable. So change roles from time to time!

5. Oral sex. Few men can imagine sex without oral sex. Today every freshman knows about the special sensitivity of the head and frenulum of the penis. At the same time, men are not so selfish as they are supposed to be: they themselves like to stimulate their girls orally. Firstly, they are very inquisitive and want to personally verify how everything is arranged there, and secondly, they like to observe that their affection is pleasing to their partner - they feel super lovers and sophisticated macho.

Perfect Sex With Russian Women

So what have you to do with Russian women in bed? It`s easy:

Music. The Russian nation is very musical. And Russian girls are just crazy about western performers. If you spend a little time and make up a sexy playlist, be sure that you are waiting for a hot night. Dating Russian women requires a bit of creativity.

Tell her compliments. Russian girls are very romantic. Hearing is an erogenous zone for them. And this is the truth. If you accompany your sex with Russian girls not only with affectionate words, whisper ... this will get your girlfriend 100%. But do not overdo it: remember, you have sex, but not singing serenades under the window, like a medieval Italian lover.

Be persistent. Lie down on the bed and wait that the Russian beauty will start to please you is a big mistake. These girls are not used to such treatment. So deal with it if you are dream of dating Russian girls. They are used to the fact that the man is the chief in everything. Especially in bed.

Do not pretend to be a sex bomb. At best case, you will look ridiculous. In the worst case, your girlfriend will pack her stuff and run away in horror. Behave yourself naturally with Russian girls in bed and do what you are sure of. Do not repeat the tricks you saw in the movies from one famous movie studio with a buzzing title.

Do not fall asleep right after sex. Russian girls are very sensitive. If you do not even try to win Morpheus a few minutes of vivacity, she can be seriously offended. Yes, we know that you have worked so well. But make the last jerk - talk to her a little, kiss and hug. Then you can assume that your sex was perfect.