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Top 7 Places to Look for a Real Russian Girl

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There are many places where you can look for a Russian woman. You may use dating services online or try one of the applications on the internet to find a perfect girl of your dreams. More and more people do it via internet nowadays. Tinder, the most popular dating application out there, has millions of users who meet every day. Using internet may very well be best way to dating Russian women. There are many different services and sites on the internet which deal with Russian women exclusively.

You can also start dating Russian girls casually. It means meeting them in bars, at parties, or in the street. It is completely up to you whether to meet Russian women online or casually.

1 Social Media

The first option through which you can find a Russian girl is social media. You should use services such as Facebook and Vkontakte. Visiting different groups and browsing through profiles you can easily meet Russian girls. Try connecting with them and start talking via message system. You can complement their photos or do something else. Usually, there are groups of people who are presently in search of a partner. Some people who prefer online dating use social media like Facebook instead of using more special dating services.

2 Parties

You can easily find a Russian woman at party. For you to succeed with this option it is, obviously, crucial to visit a party. You can visit any party or be invited to one. Parties are the best environment for picking up Russian women. At a party you have the best chances to find Russian girls dating men. Russian girls at parties are very accessible, joyful, friendly, and social. Just start a conversation with one of them who doesn’t look busy and see what happens.

3 Online Dating Services

You can date Russian women online by using dating service on the internet. Let's explain on the example of Yes Dates. Usually, you register on a site which has profiles of various women. There can be different systems and you should choose the one you like. There really is a good choice. With some services you and your possible dating partner need to have a match. Having a match means that yours and your partner’s mutual preferences can be satisfied and expectations met. With other services you can chat with any girl you like or wait till a girl approaches you.

Using online dating services, you create your own profile. As it is with your social media presence via Facebook profile, your profile on a dating site presents yourself. Your possible dating partners will judge you based on your profile.

So, it is essential for you to work on your profile. Choose the best picture of yourself you have. If it’s needed, make a new picture to use it for your profile exclusively. Always put down correct information and never lie. Remember that lies of any kind sooner or later will be revealed. Surely, you don’t want to be caught up in a nasty situation and embarrass yourself on a first date.

4 Parks, Cafes, and Bars

Among the best places to meet Russian girls are zones of rest. You should look for places such as cafeterias, restaurants, bars, parks and other recreational zones. You can also try your luck at fairs, carnivals, festivals, different ceremonies, and concerts. All these social activities give truly remarkable opportunities of dating Russian girls.

5 Real Dating Agencies

If you look for a Russian girl, then one more option for you to use is to actually pay a visit to a dating agency. It really is not much different from doing it online, except that this way you may receive more precise and correct information. More people prefer doing it online to avoid visiting the office. Sometimes, though, this option may be cheaper.

6 Museums and Sightseeing Places

Russian women are very much into art and culture. Going to a museum or visiting a theater, you may see a lot of young and beautiful Russian women there. Don’t think that people always go to these places in company of their friends and acquaintances. Very often delicate and intelligent visitors prefer listening to philharmonic orchestra alone rather than in company. Outdoor museums and cultural exhibitions are probably the best places to meet new and interesting women. You should definitely try it.

When you prepare to meet a women at the gallery or in the museum, learn about what you’re going to see. For example, visiting an exhibition of a particular painter, read about this painter beforehand. This way you’d have a perfect conversation opener.

It is also important for you to choose something you’d also like. Perhaps, you're not into painting at all. Still, there are countless opportunities. Choose an exhibition of watches or jewelry, visit some modern theater or go to a museum of photo cameras. It’s of no use for you to visit something you’re not really into because, in case you’d meet a girl, she’d be alienated by your intolerance towards the subject.

7 On the Road

Finally, the only place left for you to find Russian women is on the road. It is also the most difficult and less accessible option than others. Still, it works in some cases. Why is it hard? First of all it is hard because people are moving on the road. It means they are going somewhere and most of them can’t lose time not to be late. However, there are many people who, even though they’re going somewhere, are in no great hurry and, moreover, may not even want to go where they’re heading at all. Some people can move only because they have no other choice. Therefore, you can try meeting a Russian woman on a bus ride or in the subway.

To succeed with this option you need to be creative. The way you introduce yourself should make it up for your intrusion in the girl’s plans seeing as how she goes somewhere. Therefore, be interesting, passionate, and inventive. Make the girl excited about yourself and, perhaps, she may spend the rest of the evening with you.

All in all, now you know where and how you can meet Russian women. You can meet them online or in real life. You can try catching a bus with a girl of your dreams riding on it. You can also visit a right party or a fortunate museum. It’s all up to you. Good luck!