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What Does a Russian Woman Like in Relationships?

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Undoubtedly, Russian girls are special. Men from around the world are just obsessed with their natural beauty and many-sided characters. Indeed, there are many factors that make Russian ladies extremely charming. They are caring, loyal, family-oriented, and well-mannered. No wonder these women have already won the status of the most desirable brides for international marriages. Even though Russian culture is quite famous, it’s also puzzling in a foreigner’s view. Guys from Western Europe and the USA get lost when it comes to wooing a Russian girl. So how exactly can win her heart? Read our guide on what Russian girls value in romantic relationships.

Strong fidelity

This is one of the central concepts in Russian culture. As they believe, a loving woman should follow her man wherever he goes and whatever he does. There is even an archetype of a woman who is waiting for her soulmate for all her life. So Russian girls generally support this conception and make great wives and mothers. No wonder they are so deeply concerned about loyalty. That’s why you’d better define your intents clearly – a rare Russian girl would accept a guy seeking no-strings-attached affairs.


Russians also appreciate somewhat an obsolete gender roles division. Their women are getting more and more independent yet they still expect men to take the first steps and kick the romance off. Thus, prove yourself as an initiative guy if you wish to approach a Russian lady and success. Even through the Internet, you can demonstrate what you worth. Those women wish to appear enigmatic. If a Russian girl likes you, she will barely open her soul at once.

Ability to cheer her up

Women from Russia are also known for their optimistic view of life. They grow up light-natured and learn to manage various situations with humour. From their men, they wish to get the same attitude. Using your wits, you can really conquer a Russian lady’s heart. Humour is a powerful weapon that breaks the ice between people and makes them closer. Russians are famous for their sincerity and hospitality so a prospective bride will be glad to have fun together with you.

Mind capabilities

Traditionally, Russian women are well-educated and well-mannered. In their country, people value good higher education so most local girls have a university degree and dedicate their free time to self-development. Likewise, the Great Russian literature is known throughout the world. Since girls from Russia are straightforward, they like sharing their inner world. That’s why they seek men with the similar intellectual level.


Women, especially Slavic, are willing to feel loved, needed, and protected. There’s a popular stereotype about Russian girls being shrinking violets and obedient housewives. In fact, they are less emancipated than girls from the West. On the other hand, they also struggle to progress both personally and professionally. They just need your moral support and commitment. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings towards a Russian woman!

Similar worldview

As most Russian girls grow up in a traditionalistic society, their priorities are determined since early childhood. In their view, the main life goal of any woman is to build a strong family and raise healthy kids. To that end, an average Russian woman looks for a mature person to share her life with. Indeed, she takes romance seriously and evaluates every potential partner in terms of compatibility.