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What Is It Like to Be Married to a Russian Woman?

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Every man dreams about a beautiful wife. However, as you mature, you realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what really matters is a set of personal qualities of your potential spouse. Many men want to marry a Russian girl because those women apart from being very beautiful make great wives. They are different from Western women in terms of their views on gender roles and family and those men who want to have a traditional family often start looking for a Russian wife. If you want to know about the perks of being a Russian woman’s husband, here are some of them.

You’ll know what loyalty is. There is a widely known expression “mysterious Russian soul”. Many foreigners can’t understand what Russians are driven by when they make their decisions. In most cases, they follow their hearts and act the way they feel. It can be observed in a relationship between a man and a woman. If a Russian woman really loves her man, she loves him more than anything in this world and she is ready to do everything for him. She is his best friend and she’ll follow him wherever he goes.

You’ll be happy to come back home every evening. Russian women know how to manage a household. They have been taught since their childhood that a woman is responsible for creating a cozy atmosphere at home. They know a thing or two about thrift because most Russian families can’t boast huge incomes. Russian women are good housewives. They keep their houses clean and create comfort for their nearest and dearest no matter how busy they are at work.

You’ll never be hungry. Russians usually eat at home and rarely eat out because Russian women are excellent cooks. You’ll forget the taste of fast food because with a Russian wife your new favorite dishes will be borsch, pelmeni (meat dumplings), holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), and many other mouth-watering delicacies. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so your Russian wife will steal your heart every time you dine. It’s a real pleasure for a man to come home after a working day and know that a tasty dinner is already on the table and his wife has been waiting for him.

Your family will be number one for her. Once you tie the knot, you and then your children will be the main priority in her life. For Russian women, an ideal family is not the one consisting of two people but the one with kids. The idea of a child-free way of life seems foreign and too selfish to them. Every Russian woman believes that her main mission is to give birth to a new life. Russian women are loving and caring mothers, they are ready to do everything to make their children happy. They are ready to sacrifice their career or take a break from their jobs in order to spend each moment with their babies.

Your wife and your best friend will be one person. An ideal wife is that woman who is your lover and your friend at the same time. Your Russian wife will never let you get bored. She’ll become your loyal fan, your best advisor, and even doctor. She’ll encourage and inspire you.