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What russian women like the most in men

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Russian women are special. They are full of some mysterious kind of magic. And many men are excited off  this magic all over the world. Yes, we all know that Russian women are very beautiful. But are there not many beauties in our country? Of course not. Men are attracted by something completely different. And you are on the list of that men, right? But there is one little problem. Russian women are not so easy to conquer. Most often it is not enough to smile, say a compliment and take her to a restaurant. But do not be discouraged, because we have the keys to understanding what Russian women like in men.

How Russian women like to spend time

If you have a new acquaintance and your friend is a Russian girl, you won`t  discuss your job with her or invite to cooperation with your company. You both want to relax and communicate together. So first we'll talk about best way to spend free time while dating Russian women. We have good news for all men: they really like to have fun. 

No one will ever call Russian women boring. They like noisy companies, restaurants, bars, long walks, concerts and so on. The main thing is that no one is bored and everyone has fun. Do not even try to be a bore and snob. Russian beauty will just run away from you. 

So, at the first place among all kinds of entertainment  is going to a restaurant. Cool if it`s a themed place. And if there will be live music, it`s completely excellent. However, your new girlfriend may want to go to a quiet place or you suddenly notice that she has a headache (remember, that dating Russian girls can be full of surprises). Then go to a restaurant or a cafe where very tasty food is prepared. Russian girls know a lot about food (they cook very well) and a chicken prepared in a special way can come in handy. Foresight is a thing that Russian girls like in men.

Let her know that this is not just a banal trip to a restaurant, but you want her to have a great time and get a lot of pleasant emotions.

Let`s talk about sex

Beautiful Russian women love sex and know how to have sex. Take it into account, but keep yourself in hand. Nobody likes arrogance. Just take this information as an incentive to work on yourself. After all, such a valuable prize like good sex between people who like each other is worth the effort.

And here is the rule which works almost always: Russian girls like to be dominated over in bed. Some of them prefer this domination to be obvious and rough, others prefer it neat, but persevering. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and be a boss in a bed. But also be sure to listen to the wishes of your Russian girlfriend, too. To dominate does not always mean being an egoist.

And Russian girls often do not mind unconventional sex. One famous web site with erotic video content published the results of studies according to which hot Russian women adore watching videos with anal sex. We told you, and you do with this information whatever you want. 

Men's qualities that will help you to conquer the Russian beauty 

So now you are sure that you want to conquer someone from the list of hot Russian brides on your favourite dating web site. And you even met someone on the dating web site. Make sure you have several important qualities. First of all, you must be caring. Russian girls are very sensitive and they need a feeling of complete safety and comfort from men. We are not talking about material goods (their importance is clear to any adult man), but about inner feelings. Do not be lazy to ask about her well-being or about what she ate for breakfast once again. Seriously, they really appreciate it.

Now the second thing. You must be proactive. If you are choosing a restaurant to go to, try  to offer options first. If you do not know if you want to order a meal at home or to cook something by yourself, solve this issue first. And never show that you do not care, even if it is true.

And the last quality worth having is listening. Women from Russia prefer men who understand their problems and who are interested in their experiences or hobbies after all. This is  the quality that is so rare in Russian men. And if during the dialogue you listen not only to yourself, but also to the interlocutor, your chances of success will significantly increase.